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Sept. 7th, 2009
Dear Friend and/or Fellow Traveler, has now evolved. This is partly because we have declared victory against Comcast, a vast, greedy, blundering, tone-deaf corporate colossus which, in less than two short years, has finally seen the light.

But tone deaf no more.

As both The New York Times and Washington Post have reported, Comcast has heard our angry voices and taken concrete steps in the process of putting customers first. Meantime, it has used ComcastMustDie and now, to specifically resolve many hundreds of customer complaints. There is a long way for Comcast to go, but there is also no question that it has been forced by us to reckon with us. Now we will employ the same formula to other serial customer-abusers.

This site, will remain -- but we have a new and improved Consumer Vigilante website here --, where other infamously arrogant corporations will be subjected to power of aggregated rage. (No worries. Comcast is still one of them). We hope they, like Comcast, we see this not merely as a threat, but as an opportunity to connect with and regain the confidence -- even loyalty -- of it's customers.

I am stepping away from the project, which now will be operated by my friend and co-host, Bart Wilson at Voyager360 in Santa Fe, NM, who provided the technical back-end from the start including our radio show (which you can listen to and forward to your friends).

As a parting request, I ask that you revisit the ComcastMustDie video on YouTube, listen to the radio show Podcast and send it to everyone. Everyone. Just to remind Comcast, and everyone else, that declaration of victory does not mean our work is done. Also See brown hair with blonde highlights

To quote the abolitionist Wendell Phillips, "Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty."

Thank you, and congratulations.

-- Bob Garfield
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The Famous Comcast Podcast
This is the now infamous and very hilarious Comcast Must Die Podcast radio show I did with Bart Wilson of Mona the Hammer Lady Shaw, Ralph Nader and My Damn Channel's Harry Shearer are featured. Listen to the show, then tell a friend.
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