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Legal Disclaimer

This website supports the American Constitution's 5th Amendment, The Right to Free Speech.

This Website may or may not reflect the views or opinions of the administrators, authors or contributors connected to It is the Legal Policy of this website to delete profane, obscene, or libelous comments if and when used. While the debate over customer services can be a hot issue, we feel no need to publicly single out any one individual with language that might harm one's integrity. If you find any such post containing libelous remarks against any one individual, we need to be notified about this. At no time, will any contributor, administrator, or author connected to this site be open to any legal action or damages as a result of expressing their customer service experience or opinions on this site.

Policies to Follow for Any Post

Any and all contributors to this site are held accountable to the posting policies of this BLOG. When posting your customer service experience on, please refrain from the use of obscene language. Please do not single out any one individual by posting their personal information on line.

Example; The equivalent of writing of"For a good time, call Jenny 555-1212," on a public bathroom wall, will not be an acceptable use of this BLOG. Anyone who feels a particular comment is tasteless, a direct attack on a single individual with the intent to cause direct harm with libelous remarks will be removed or flagged for removal by one of the administrators of this BLOG. Please bring any and all such posts to our attention for posts that you feel are not in compliance with these policies.

Fair Use of Company Logos, Names of Service Corporations, Photos of Logos and People

At no time will any administrator, author or contributor be held accountable for any legal action arising out of the post of the name of the firm and or posting a graphic featuring the company's logo. This is classified as"fair use," and is used merely for illustration purposes only.

Whether you need to obtain a release depends on why you want to use a person's name or image. If your use is for commercial purposes - for example, using a person's photo in an advertisement - you should acquire a release. If your use is for informational purposes such as a news article, a release is not required. However, even if a release is not required, you should be careful that your use does not defame or invade the privacy of the individual. If there's any potential that your use might violate these laws, a release will provide legal protection. Sorting out these differences can be confusing, and we provide some examples in the sections below. When in doubt, however, it's never a bad idea to first obtain a signature for the release of the photo(s) to be published on-line.

Several factors are weighed to determine whether the use of a name or image on a website is commercial or informational:
  • If the use of the name or image at the website relates to a newsworthy event, the use is more likely to be informational.
  • The more website space devoted to selling, the less likely the use is informational.
  • The longer the person's name or image remains at the site, the use is less likely to be informational.
  • The more separation between the informational content and the sponsorship of the site and related advertisements, the more likely the use is informational.
A person's name or image can be used for commercial purposes without permission if the commercial use qualifies as free speech. This generally occurs when the use is categorized as a parody.

For example, a company sold trading cards featuring caricatures of major league baseball players. Text on the cards ridiculing player salaries and egos included a statement:"Cardtoons baseball is a parody and is NOT licensed by Major League Baseball Properties or Major League Baseball Players Association." A federal court permitted the use of player's names and caricatured images as free speech. (Cardtoons v. Major League Baseball Players Assn., 838 F. Supp. 1501 (N.D. Okla. 1993).)

However, individuals wary of litigation should weigh the consequences and costs of a lawsuit before claiming a free speech right to use an individual's name or image.

It is the policy of this BLOG to remove any personal photo(s) or company logo(s) if the person or company depicted in the photo can cite no signed release was obtained before it's publication or if the photo(s) constitute a defamatory issue toward the person(s) or company by having the photo(s) posted here. Nude or obscene photos, copyrighted photos, or commercial stock photos scraped from Google or Yahoo images robot are not acceptable photos to be posted here and once we are notified of such, they shall be removed when we are notified. At no time should you upload commercial audio, music or AAC encoded MP3 music files. If any photo remains published on Customer-Circus, the longer it remains uncontested, the photo(s) shall be classified under"free speech," and shall remain published.

Privacy Policy
Last updated 1 July 2009

By accessing or using this website, you agree to the terms of our Online Privacy Policy, as outlined below. If you do not or can not agree to these terms, then do not access or use this site. We reserve the right to change the Online Privacy Policy from time to time. Your use of this website will be subject to the most current version of This Privacy Policy at the time of such use. Voyager International® and Customer-Circus are our online brands and are trademarks of Voyager Communications Group, Inc. (Voyager International) All rights reserved.

When you engage in some activities on this site, such as entering a contest, ordering or registering products and services, or software downloads, we often ask you to provide information about yourself by filling out and submitting an online form. It is completely optional for you to engage in these activities. If you choose to engage in these activities, Voyager International may ask you provide us with some personal information, such as your name, physical mailing address, e-mail address, company, job title, phone number and other personal information. Depending upon the online activity, some of the information that we ask you to provide is identified as required and some is optional. If you fail to provide the required data with respect to a particular activity, you may not be able to enjoy or participate in some level of online activities provided herein.

When you submit personal information to Voyager International on this site, you understand and agree this information may be transferred across national or international boundaries and may be stored and processed in any of the countries in which Voyager International and its affiliates and subsidiaries maintain offices, including without limitation, the United States. You also acknowledge that in certain countries or with respect to certain activities, the collection, transferring, storage and processing of your information may be undertaken by trusted vendors of Voyager International.

Voyager International collects your information in order to record and support your participation in the activities you select. If you order a product that is to be electronically downloaded, for example, the information is used to register your license and rights, if any, to technical support, upgrade discounts, or other benefits that may be made available to registered users. If you enter a contest, information is collected to qualify the entry and contact you regarding the contest or prize awards. The information that you provide is also used as part of our effort to keep you informed about product upgrades, special offers, and other products and services of Voyager International and selected third parties.

Voyager International respects that you have a choice in how Voyager International can collect and use your personal information collected on this site. Should you not want your mailing or other information used by other third party companies that want to keep you informed of their products or services, you can indicate this this preference when you provide your personal information to Voyager International. If you did not see this preference on one of our forms, and you later decide to remove your name from the list and do do not want to receive information from third party companies, you can send an email to Voyager International. Please place the words; REMOVE 3RD PARTY LIST and Voyager International will remove your name from the database.

If you provide Voyager International with inconsistent privacy preferences by indicating on one occasion that third parties may contact you with marketing or sales offers and later, you indicate that they may not, then Voyager International is not able to guarantee that your most recent privacy preference can or will be honored.

If you feel Voyager International is in violation of any of these terms outlined in our Online Privacy Policy, please write us and include as detailed information as possible. Voyager International will investigate and correct the situation if we are found to be responsible for any violation. Please include your complete mailing address so that we can contact you regarding the results of our investigation.

You may also access and correct your personal information and privacy preferences by writing or calling Voyager International at:

Voyager International
Attn: Privacy Officer
7 Avenida Vista Grande B-7 #428
Santa Fe, NM 87508 USA

Tel: (505) 466-2483

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